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Man, I'm agreeing with NoProps... this might be a first for me. I think Colangelo is going to do whatever it takes to get into the playoffs next year. Other than Derozan, he doesn't have any RFAs/UFAs he needs to re-sign and he's going to have 3 guys on rookie deals. He's got a lot of flexibility with Barbosa and maybe Calderon off the books and 4 years out of the playoffs is a great motivator to get some things done. He'll need some luck but with Bargs, JV, 2012 1st, Derozan (if he shows up for a full season), Davis/Amir, Kleiza, JJ, Barbosa, Calderon.... he's got some assets to work with.
I think we'll make it for sure. who is our competition? the bucks? lol