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Like Miekenstein - I'm in for all of the above.

  • Raptors have the "No. 2 pick" ready to board - relative to Anthony Davis (JV was rated as such, as if he was part of the 2012 draft - can't remember which media site gave this opinion ... possibly ESPN ??). I realize this is not a true 2012 draft pick, but for all intents purposes JV will be a rookie, as much as our real draft pick will be.
  • Toronto will have a pick that could range from 1st overall (with luck) to 12th overall (with less luck)
  • Raptors could snag a second 1st Round pick, should BC move Barbie to a Contender. Such a pick would give BC the opportunity to make a gamble-type pick.

Free Agency
  • Raptors have some holes to fill, that might entice a free agent who sees the potential for this team - especially with Casey at the helm.
  • A Point Guard would be one such position. With (expected) sufficient cap space, Toronto will have greater leverage amongst the league, a leverage that would be reinforced by the revised CBA and it's upcoming Luxury tax enhancements.

  • Assuming players like Davis, Kleiza, Amir & JJ continue to flourish, BC's inventory of trade chips would only improve. The more players that excel under Casey, the greater BC's odds become, and the greater the return becomes.
  • As much as some fans cry for us to tank, the upside to winning (and a reduced draft pick), is that these trade chips will have demonstrated greater value - as opposed to random potential.