Here's the deal:

To Indy:
Jose Calderon
Stephen Jackson
Marvin Williams

To Milwaukee:
Jeff Teague
Ed Davis

To Atlanta:
Darren Collison
Linas Kleiza
Leandro Barbosa
Jarryd Bayless

To Toronto:
Danny Granger
Brandon Jennings
Kirk Heinrichs
John Leuer

I love this deal for everyone, and maybe I'm crazy.

For Milwaukee, the get out from under Stephen Jackson's contract while swapping out one young point guard for a slightly cheaper young pg. And they get Ed Davis, which is good.

For Indy, they get a pg who can really make everyone better, free up minutes for Paul George, free up some money to pay Roy Hibbert in the summer, and get a veteran in Jackson who has playoff experience and who can guard multiple positions and has a history with the franchise (albeit an interesting one).

For Atlanta they replace Teague, who has fewer assist this month than Al Jefferson, with Darren Collison, who is probably (?) better. They replace Marvin Williams with Kleiza who is the same player but 3 mil cheaper. And add Barbosa and Bayless for some bench depth for a playoff run.

For Toronto, they add Derozan's buddy from South LA, who just happens to be promising and young. They add a legitimate scoring 3 who is only 28 and who will be in his prime at the same time as our other franchise player. And we get the true defensive pg who we can either resign this summer at a lower rate or we keep 8 mil in cap flexibility this summer. And Jon Leuer is still Jon Leuer, which is something.

But I'm probably way out to lunch here.