So, for all those anxious about the use of Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack at the same time, there must be some solace taken in the last couple of games.

Sure hasnít been used much, has it? I think there were a couple of minutes at the end of the first half against the Mavs but thatís it; and then just a couple of minutes before halftime last night in Cleveland.


Well, I think Jay liked the way Belinelli was going last night, he was hitting shots and getting in the paint and heís a longer, more active defender than Jarrett.

And, as Iíve mentioned a few times before, I think Joseís a better option at running the offence and, with the Cavs collapsing on Bosh every time he touched the ball when he was posted up, having Calderon on the perimeter to take an open three is much more desirable than having Jack.

On one key possession, Calderon did in fact get an open three that he didnít knock down and I, and Iím sure the coaching staff, would rather he get it than Jack.

Thatís not a knock against Jarrett, who does a lot of things well, but Joseís shooting something like 50 per cent from the field since heís been back; thatís the shooter I want on the court.
I for one am extremely happy that the dreaded CalderJack combo has been used only minimally as of late! The less it's used the better. Maybe Triano has been scoping out RRF and decided to take our advice!

On a related note, did anyone else feel that Triano should have subbed Ocho for Jack with about 4/5 mins to go in the game? Jack had a good 3rd quarter (9 pts) and we could have used his ability/willingness to attack the basket in the 4th and create some chances to get to the line. Also, it was clear that Ocho was not "feeling it" last night. IMO Triano dropped the ball-he should have gone with the hot hand to close out the game.