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Thread: March 11 - Milwaukee Bucks - Redemption Evening

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    Quote Bendit wrote: View Post
    ...I havent seen him enough though to have an opinion whether he could play SF because he can score, rebound, play defense and can even hit the 3. He is just not the flashy type but plays the game the way I like it.
    The skills he displayed on Sunday would translate quite nicely into SF position I think. I know it is a generalization, but European players I see in the NBA seem to be well schooled in the fundamentals and frequently are more complete players, on average, than the average NBA player. He scored a lot because he was moving well off the ball and also placed himself where he could grab rebounds.

    I would love to see him in a Raps uni if Sunday was anything like his capability. He played well above his career or year stats, but he has been a monster the last three games and this year has averaged pretty much a double double.

    So is he just coming into his own, or is he a 2012 aberration. I suspect he is the real deal, based on how easy it all seemed to come to him yesterday.

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    haven't seen him play yet, but I don't feel comfortable offering him a big contract. We all know that players have better stats in the final year of a contract, and rarely are they matched in the following season.
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