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I would like to add to this list,

court vision and basketball IQ working together: Looking at an offensive set and anticipating what the defence is trying to do. Moving to different areas to shift the defence and exploit the set. He forces way to much. He passes into difficult situations. Watch Nash, Calderon, and other good point guards. How often does Calderon drive to the basket knowing that he isn;t going to shoot, but it's just to make the defence adjust. It's more than a drive and kick.

I think he places more value on his individual stat sheet more than getting his team mates involved. Once again you can tell players like Calderon and Nash both rather see their team mates succeed over themselves. They take pleasure in seeing ball movement. Bayless will pass once but once that ball come back to him, he's taking it.

This isn't necessarily a PG thing, but it annoys the hell out of me:

The inability to recognize that your shot isn't falling that night. Yes he is aggressive, but if you are shooting well, stop shooting and do other things. He doesn't get it.
100% agree on both saints91 and Nilanka's take.

It's never been argued that he can score. He can score. But he's not a PG that I think can help a good team win games, and the more I see, the more I believe that, including last night's "good numbers" game. Poor decision-maker, can't handle pressure D, and way to easy to goad into a one-on-one battle. A PG also has to be the voice of the coach on the floor, which takes discipline and a dedication to team play over all. Bayless hasn't shown that.

I'm not a hater, either -- Bayless can score, and he's a passionate, hard-nosed player. I just don't want him running the Raptors offense on a regular basis long-term.