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The Clippers picked up Billups as a Point Guard. When they traded for Paul, (and gave up their starting SG) it made sense to slide him over to the 2.
That said, I don't think there is anyone that could/would contend Billups has been anything but a PG through out the Prime of his career.

Just because Bayless likes (read: capable of) creating his own shot, I don't think that automatically makes him a SG by trade.
The Billups and Paul transactions occurred within a day of each other (2 at most). I believe that LAL already knew they were going to acquire Paul. Billups was a good body to have and cheap as well as could be used either as a backup to CP or as a SG.

No dispute that Billups made his bones in the league as a PG. What I was saying was that he was really a SG who made himself into a PG but it took him about 5 years (at least no team of 4 thought he was ready to play that position until Detroit). So there are similarities to Bayless in a way. Like Billups I think Bayless believes that being a PG is his only way to being a starter...he does not have the size to defend other SGs on most nights. And he is right.

Re your last sentence, I dont know that I wrote anything to dispute that. It's definitely an asset to have at any position really and is a must for an elite SG.