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Thread: Lin to the Raptors a good idea? Lin Raptors Plan B? (168)

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    Quote BallaBalla wrote: View Post
    +1 jose is a better shooter hands down.

    But let's forget the rational reasons why we shouldn't do it (and the reasons are endless). For some reason, I knew we would be talking about this the day he started playing well. The only reason why anyone cared about him was because he was doing this in New York. I cannot remember the last time I have seen something more overhyped

    Does anyone not remember when Joey Graham put together a great stretch for 15 games that propelled us into the playoffs a while back? No one gave a sh*t even though sucked for most of his career (and still does).

    Its the same thing as the Willis Reed story. We hear that all the time, even though Kevin McHale played some games on a broken foot for the Celtics. New York controls more of the media than anyone else, and that is why people think what Jeremy Lin did was a big deal. But if someone spent the time I am positive that you could find dozens of players who have played well for 7 games in a row.

    Let's stop with this BS and try to win some basketball games
    I don't agree with the Joey Graham comparisons. Yes, Graham did put together a good stretch of games for us, but he didn't single-handedly win games for a team that had trouble winning games without him. Big difference.

    IMO, Lin's 2 week stretch of play was more important/noteworthy than Bargnani's 13-game stretch, because the Knicks were actually winning games.

    Lin definitely has holes in his game, but he's still young, and has the basketball IQ (as well as academic IQ, lol) to figure things out. I'm not necessarily advocating overpaying for his services in Toronto, but I'm simply speaking against the notion that his 15 minutes of fame is up. He's going to be a good PG in this league, provided that he's treated like a project.
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