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Lol 4.5 TOPG would lead the League by a decent margin, Nilanka. Not a good start.
I'm not exaggerating at all. He turned it over ALOT.

He played an average of 26MPG, 136th in the League, and still managed to crack the Top 7 in Turnovers. Thats BAD.

There were games where he was taking 17 and 18 shots WITH Carmelo and Amare in the Lineup.

And once again, Bayless, played UNREAL as a PG, for a solid stretch of games, led us to wins against some solid teams ... and he's still not a PG? Odd.

And me.

And I'll point it out again. Bayless managed a better Assist/TO ratio than Lin, which to me, IS the measurement of a Point Guard.
The assist:turnover ratio is an overrated/misused stat. Nobody even knew what it was before Calderon started excelling in it. And he's far from the best PG in the league. Matt Bonner was #3 in A:TO ratio this year. Other guys in the top 10? Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala and Beno Udrih. If you're looking for a single statistical measure of PG play, I don't know if A:TO is your best option.

Yes, 4.5 turnovers is a lot, but is it that far ahead of Deron Williams' 4.0, or John Wall's 3.9, or Kevin Durant's 3.8? And it's a lot less than the "10" you quoted (hence the exaggeration).

Lin has played a mere 64 games in his NBA career. He's a newborn baby by NBA standards (covered in gross after-birth with the umbilical cord still attached). The assumption is that he'll cut down his turnovers in due time.

If Bayless is retained, it'll be because Barbosa was unavailable (as a scoring option off the bench). After all, Colangelo wouldn't go on the air saying that he needs a PG if he honestly thought Bayless was the guy.