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Thread: Barbosa traded to Pacers for 2nd round pick (Official - post 155)

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    "If a team is below the cap (which Toronto is), then their Disabled Player (Toronto has none), Bi-Annual ($1.8M Raptors do have), Mid-Level ($5M Raptors have) and/or Traded Player exceptions (new $7.6M) are added to their team salary, and the league treats the team as though they are over the cap."
    This quote is assuming that the Raptors have a TPE to work with. There is no TPE created.

    Read Q70 in his salary FAFQ

    71. What is the Traded Player exception?

    As described in question number 70, exceptions are the mechanisms that allow teams to function above the salary cap. Any trade which results in the team ending up over the salary cap requires an exception. This is true even if the team is moving downward in salary. For example, if the salary cap is $50 million, a team has a team salary of $55 million, and they want to trade a $5 million player for a $4 million player, they still have to use an exception. Even though their team salary would be decreasing by $1 million, the fact that they would still be over the salary cap ($54 million) means that an exception is required.
    The Raptors were never above the salary cap, so this trade doesn't create a TPE.
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