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Thread: Barbosa traded to Pacers for 2nd round pick (Official - post 155)

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    Quote Pele wrote: View Post
    Watching Barbosa on the Pacers against LAC, has got me re-thinking that maybe we gave him away to cheaply. Should of got Indiana's first rounder or something better somewhere else. LB is a game-changer.

    I'm disappointed in BC. Looking more like loser Burke all the time.
    Since the trade went down in the last couple of hours before the deadline, don't you think he was waiting for the best offer?

    Do you think BC decided to take a lesser deal?

    I'm sure BC could have got a first rounder for him - but he would have had to take back salary. That was the whole point of this trade. No salary came back.

    Lets see what happens between the end of April and Draft Night/July 1st with the flexibility that was created which otherwise would not have been possible.

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    I guess I was too heavy on BC.

    Still, LB was an asset, as he's showing in Indy. It would be nice to see BC fleece some GM once in awhile; really play some hard ball and sell a golden trade. I think the jury's out on BC.

    Basically, we'd better end up with a great draft pick (MKG or close) and a great FA, all in tune with excellent team chemistry and a winning combination, or I, for one, will be the first to publically lynch the guy. (figuratively speaking)

    If he squanders the flexibility on "meh" or "so-so" acquisitions, then he's just a loser Burke, no plan, no acumen, no greatness....just a chump.

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    Quote planetmars wrote: View Post
    Larry Coon answered my Barbosa TPE question in his chat today!!!
    Ah, our "missing" cap holds.

    I still can't believe Wright's cap hold is 7 million though

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