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Thread: ROGERS/BELL TPE Let down

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    Default ROGERS/BELL TPE Let down

    Off the top I am disappointed that the Raps could not get in on Flynn or either of the Lakers 1st rnd picks which were clearly all in play and we moved for a decent price (IMO).

    Raptors have been given a grade of A by some for this trade because they essentially rented out Barbos for 23 games and got what looks like a 2nd round pick in approx the 50th spot (Alabi pick back).

    Grade for the Raptors: A

    Toronto got someone to take Barbosa (and Carter) off their hands without taking back any salary at all, while getting a second-round pick in return. It’s an added bonus that they can use the reported $7.6 million trade exception to add a player with a long-term commitment via trade over the next 12 months.
    Even in this deep draft that 2nd likely will amount to another Solomon Alabi unless somehow packaged... who knows ... but there is much talk about the 7.6 mill. Without sounding like too much of a Debbie Downer how likely is BELL/ROGERS willing to authorize the use of that money for a piece?

    ROGERS owns the Jays lets examine:
    2011 salary

    Yankees $202,689,028(team)-------$ 6,756,300 (per player average)
    Boston $161,762,475(team) ---------$5,991,202 (per player average)
    Baltimo $85,304,038------------------$ 3,280,924 (per player average)
    Toronto $62,567,800(team)----------$ 2,018,316 (per player average)

    The two rivals teams are outspending Toronto 3-1 heck even recession ridden ghetto-filled Baltimore is almost double the average player salary.
    Salary Cap space and TPE doesn't mean the same in Toronto as it does in cities where they have win-at-all-costs ownership. If I am not mistaken they left 9mill+ TPE from Bosh deal on the table.

    here is hoping someone proves me wrong.
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