Hey everybody! so this is my first post ever on rr but love the site!

Now that we have a need for another guard off the bench with barbosa gone I was just wondering what the general thoughts were on signing someone like Patty Mills. Being from Australia I've kept an eye on his game, both with the blazers and for the national team, and I think he could be a really great spark player off the bench for the raps.
Personally i feel that his presence could help push bayless to another level, as he might see mills as a legitimate threat to take his backup spot. At the very least Mills is better than forbes. And he's not a headcase, which is always a good thing.

I'm not sure what his situation is with the nba at the moment. I think his rights are still held by the blazers, so this could all be a moot point. But i just wanted to get your thoughts on the guy!