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we still have a chance to get to #5! We have to lose every game from now on, most importantly to Cleveland and NJ. Cleveland still has Washington to play, so that would even out our records.
First, Toronto doesn't play Cleveland again this year. Toronto plays Miami (no Wade or Bosh), Detroit, Milwaukee and New Jersey.

Second, given the remaining schedule, I find it more likely that Toronto will wind up in the 6th spot heading into the lottery. I seriously doubt either Sacramento or Cleveland will win more than 1 game each, leaving them in the #4/5 spots. If Toronto loses all 4 games, they would secure the #6 spot, meaning they could draft 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th...

7 - Charlotte (will finish #1)
15 - Washington (will finish #2)
19 - New Orleans (Memphis, Houston, LAC, Golden State, Houston)
20 - Sacramento (San Antonio, Oklahoma, Charlotte, Oklahoma, LAL)
20 - Cleveland (Philadelphia, NY, San Antonio, Memphis, Washington, Chicago)
22 - Toronto (Miami, Detroit, Milwaukee, NJ)
22 - New Jersey (NY, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Toronto)
22 - Golden State (LAL, Dallas, Houston, Minnesota, New Orleans, San Antonio)
23 - Detroit (Atlanta, Minnesota, Toronto, Indiana, Philadelphia)