There are certain dark corners of Raptors Nation where paranoia rules and conspiracy theories reign. Is the league out to get the Raptors? Absolutely not. But after watching every game this season and seeing the opposing team consistently get calls and go to the line, while the Raps get jobbed, has taken its toll.

The numbers back this up. The Raptors and the Warriors have the highest free-throw differential in the league. It's not even close to the rest of the league really. The most extreme example is Denver who shoot almost 14 more free-throws a game than us.

Why is this? I guess youth and lack of aggressiveness would be knee-jerk reasons. But the Raptors aren't that young, and they aren't a jump shooting team. Maybe ya'll have a better explanation?

P.S. I think the Raptors were partying in NYC on Monday night... hence the drubbing yesterday.