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Regardless of what you think, if you want another losing season...youre out of luck. Ignoring FA signings and trades, this is a playoff team next year. Easily. Let's take advantage of it, while still focusing on the long term goals of the franchise
We'll see. Right now, it's a team that will win about 20 games this year, so I'm not sure how it's 'easily' a playoff team next year. I'm not opposed to signing a free agent or trading for good players but some people are acting like this team is really close and all it needs is one or two players. This team needs, in order: a starting centre, a starting SF, a starting SG, a starting PF,and a new PG. Really, just a whole new starting 5. You can't effect that sort of change over night. I know many people on this board think they are much closer but a lot of people thought that in 2007, too, and look how that turned out. They are miles away from a guaranteed playoff team, let alone close to contention.

We've had a losing team for 3 years now, acquiring picks along the way. It's time for the next step in the rebuild process.
Except, they haven't even started to rebuild yet. Last year was a total waste. They are still tearing it down. They don't have the pieces to take the next step. They don't have a franchise player. They don't have an elite player. They don't even have an all-star. It's arguable as to whether they even have a single NBA-quality starter outside of a marginal starter like AB. They need JV. They need to hit a homerun this year. Then they need another elite young player. Then, once they have that, they can take the next step. This team is still a couple years away. It sucks but fans have to acknowledge that, otherwise, we're going to get a management team under pressure to WIN NOW!!! and we'll be right back where we are now in 4 years.