There are many, many parallels here. Both are beloved fans favorites. Both are mobile QBs. Both have always had underrated passing skills. Both are former College heros. Both seem to have this ability to give their team a chance to win no matter what the box score says. Both seem to get underrated by teams because they're not prototypical. Tebow won't have to go to the CFL to become better, well not yet anyway but he seems to be worshipped by fans while the football pundits remain ever skeptical no matter the results he produces. Now the Jets traded for him, which didn't make much sense if you read this:

That said, I think he can win out over Sanchez before the end of next season. From there, who knows but if the parallels continue to run deep between Tebow and Flutie then chances are even when he does become a starter again and no matter if he's winning games, he will forever be looking over his shoulder.