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I know it's an impossible question to answer, but something I've been pondering -- How successful would JV be if he were playing NCAA D1? Would be be more dominant?? Could he have been the first overall pick if he played last year as a freshman? Looking at his Euro numbers, I just imagine him having an Anthony Davis type impact in D1.
i think you have to take into consideration that he plays in a much more 'pro-style' system in europe than he would in college (well, duh). what i mean is, he gets a significant % of his points off PnR/PnP action, and the college game isn't built around the PnR, at least not nearly to the same degree as it's being used with him. so i think he'd do really well in college (ball skill is ball skill), but the college system might lessen his numbers somewhat.

in general, that's a big reason i'm excited about him...he's learning/perfecting the style of game that NBA offenses are built around. i love AD, he truly does have perimeter skills & a good handle for someone his size, but i think JV 'fits' with the raps quite well as a more traditional low-post 5 to complement bargs' abilities on the perimeter.