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...That was the biggest possession in the game. There was like 15 seconds left, those 2 free throws would have brought us up by 3. ...
Sometimes you only get a chance to make those two free throws because you have left everything out on the floor getting to that point in the game. Then you are standing on the line, still breathing hard, your heart is pounding, legs are achy and exhausted, sweat running down your forehead into your eyes, arms feel like lead and in your brain all you can think is "don't miss, don't miss." So you clank two off the rim.

If you are a smart player, either clanking them or watching your team mate clank them, you learn how important all those possessions were earlier in the game when silly turnovers occurred because of bad passes, or thoughtlessness. You remember all the pour choices taking bad shots. You remember times you coasted a little bit and some guy from the other side blew by you and made the basket while you fouled him with a lame attempt at a block. You think about the moving screen you set that gave the ball to the other side. And you learn.

Silly to expect the Raptors to win this game. Good that they were in it into overtime and it took a hail Mary with .2 seconds left to take it away from them.