After Reviewing different posts, I just would like to hear everyones realistic dream scenario for this offseason and the draft. You can put the your ideal team together through trades and draft a player with the 4th draft spot. Just be realistic with the trades and the signings (i.e. chances are we are not getting Williams)

Here is my team:


PF Thomas Robinson

Second Round

C Fab Melo, PG Scott Machado or SG Bufford


Courtney Lee and Goran Dragic

Sign and trade:

Batum for Bargnani

Jonas, Amir, Fab Melo
Robinson, Ed Davis, Amir
Batum, J.J., Kleiza
DeMar, Lee, Forbes
Calderon, Dragic, Machado



Beal, Fab Melo, Machado


Courtney Lee, Dragic

Jonas, Amir, Melo
Bargs, Ed Davis, Melo
DeMar, J.J., Kleiza
Beal, Lee, Forbes
Calderon, Dragic, Machado