1.) You start losing games you should win

"We lack focus down the stretch, and are making careless mistakes with the ball" "Every team goes through slumps like this but we have practice tomorrow and we are going to address some of these issues"

2.) Players start getting benched for "internal reasons"
What this means: I'm losing control of these guys and this plan always seems to work
i.e. Kuester in Detroit, Brown in Charlotte, Melo in NY.

3.) Player comes out in support of the coach saying
"We are 100% behind the coach. We are 100% committed to winning."
winning = forget that first thing I just said.

4.) The ownership expresses their full support of the coach and his staff
this literally means its a matter of weeks if not days.

Mike Brown in LA is at stage 3

Vinny Del Negro in LA is at stage 4 as of today