There are definitely a lot of corporate 'fans'. It's unfortunate but it's pretty common everywhere and it's how teams sell tickets to keep the lower levels as full as they can, even in bad years. Toronto has enjoyed large attendance(relatively speaking in terms of success) because of this, but it also means at a lot of games, especially in bad years in games that suck(bad opponents, when the season's in the gutter) you get a crowd that doesn't care and/or doesn't know about the game. This is a bit worse in Toronto I think than in most American cities, where the general population knows more about the game. BUT, most cities wouldn't fill the lower bowl as much, even with 'non-fans', in bad years. Toronto is a pretty good sports city, and when teams do well, the real fans come out and the casual fan base grows/becomes smarter about the game. Frankly, the big city fans in the US are still only loud in most cities for good games. The craziest fans I think might be Portland, or OKC right now because of how good they are. Those are some small cities, with fans who are crazy about the game and know it well.
It is frustrating though. I wish we had fans at games who didn't care about pizza so much. It bugs me that basically they try to make it feel like a "fun" atmosphere with gimmicks and giveaways galore, but whatever. I think no one would mind some of those things if the policy was simply every time they win(maybe win and score 100). I also think if the team was winning, less of those fans would be there compared to more interested, passionate fans. Winning cures everything I think. What this team needs, more than anything, is a solid decade of play. Making the playoffs most years out of the next 10 or so would make a huge difference. It definitely helped the Jays and their fan base in the 80s and 90s. Anyway, now I'm just starting to rant. Yes there are problems with crowds at the ACC, but I think the Raptors have a good fan base and that includes real fans, who right now don't want to spend frequently to see the team suck, but who eagerly await for when the team starts winning again, and will help change the fan culture if the Raptors ever experience some repeated success.