From the department of Celebrities In The Crowd, we had one in Milwaukee. Seriously. Saw the guy signing autographs after the game and he sure looked familiar. Not quite being up on my pop culture but vaguely recognizing the dude, it wasn’t until we were in the locker room waiting to talk to Raptors that someone let me know who it was:

“Did you see Master P here?”

Yes, erstwhile Raptor, and father of DeMar DeRozan’s college roommate, took in the game and the memories started flooding back. I don’t know what was more fun to recall:

The night we were in Dallas for a pre-season game and the fans were chanting “We Want P, We Want P” until Butch finally put him in. Or a night or two later in Edmonton when I watched with great delight Master P running the fast break on the wing while 7-3 Alex Radojevic handled the ball racing up the court. Both of them are forever etched in my mind. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t get the recollection out of my head.

Haha you guys remember P's stint with the Raps during the '99 preseason?! With the production we've been getting from our wings recently, maybe we can bring him back for a tryout!

Master P anyone?