Last Week: 24 It was 1:44 a.m. Monday when I got my first glimpse of the Raptors' camouflage look on NBA TV. April Fools' must work differently in Canada, because the Raps wore those hideous unis for a full 48 against the Wiz instead of just circulating a bogus picture earlier in the day to scare their fans and playing in their true colors. Link to post.

Good new is we moved up in the rankings from 24 to 22. What gives with these American so called sports experts anyway? Are they now fashion experts? Surely he must have know why the team was wearing the uniforms. Not sure how many times Canadians have publicly insulted the American Veteran salutes but I am pretty sure it was not done by sports athletes or commentators.

What do you guys think? Am I Making big a deal out of this? What gives?