Been a hardcore fan for years but saw my first game live from the 2nd row on Sunday..

Bad uniforms and a pretty boring game, but an amazing experience none the less. Everything from watching warm up, to seeing Jack in the pre game.

Crowd was pretty lame. Not many people wearing jerseys, and people in court side seats didn't seem to care at all and some even left early. Pretty upsetting for someone who loves them Raps like me. I do sense we have better fans, and I'm hoping it gets better as the team gets better.

Was happy they won, but as a full fledged member of Tank Nation, lets wrap up the season on a nice 9 game losing streak. I saw someone mention in another thread about the difference a couple spots in the draft can make. (#9 Derozan, #7 Curry....) We all know we play hard, can run with the big boys occasionally and are def not the worst team in the league... Losing our final few games won't crush the teams culture, but the better pic could be franchise changing!

I'm praying for a top 3 pick, and my heart flutters at the though of JV and AD in the front court.

Anyway, hears hoping I can move to T.O. so I can watch all the games.

Oh, and the ACC is gorgeous!