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It's a subconscious game everyone plays these days. "When a young player is selected, what past or present superstar does he remind you of?" It's a silly game....but it is what it is.
We've gone way past that when we're talking perennial all-star and future hall of famer before he's even been bought out in Europe. At the end of the day that stuff wouldn't bother me if I didn't know from past experiences that this place is going to light up with "Trade JV" themed threads by Christmas 2012.

I should prepare some generic responses now like "he's only a rookie" and "most big men need two to three seasons to become effective, you're overreacting".

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No arguments from me on the matter. I just have been searching for any excuse to throw in a link to the Pointer Sisters for nearly 2 years now
LOL, no doubt you had to make a decision in a small window of opportunity.