The only real big difference is that every reception is rewarded a point. PPR leagues are designed to offer a little more balance and a little more strategy to the game. For example in regular fantasy football Sproles is nothing to write home about when in reality he was a very large part of his teams on field success in the offense. In PPR a guy like Sproles has real value and Wes Welker is the F'in man. haha

No, QB's don't get an extra stat cats in PPR. They're fantasy dominate enough as it is.

I would strongly recommend that everyone go look at the scoring prior to the draft. You'll see the extra stat cat (PPR) and you'll see the IDP(Individual Defensive Player) scoring. Also look at the roster slots for IDP's, there's a lot of them in this league. To win this you'll have to be as good at building a good defense as you are at building an offense.