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You can cheer for your team, while also understanding the future long-term benefits that a loss would result in. I would never want the players on any team I support to tank, at least so far as giving less than full effort. The players don't control who's on the roster and/or who's on the court, just their own actions within the game... I will always cheer for my team's players and expect full effort.

It is ironic though, that a loss gives the team a better % chance of a more significant improvement next season and beyond... wouldn't cheering for that BE cheering for the Raptors team, given that a championship and even the playoffs are out of reach this season??
I'm an admin of a basketball discussion board. I posted the lotto odds next to current standings in a table on this board yesterday. I understand the possible implications of a win or a loss and yet I stand by what I said.

As for the rest, the ends never justify the means. That said I won't be broken up about a loss but to cheer on the Nets? Come on, anyone who does that doesn't deserve to ever have a good team to cheer for in Toronto.