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Sorry, LBF. I'm not selling you on watching the Raptors on a Raptor fan forum. If you are not interested in watching the games, why waste the pixels here?

If you watched the games with an understanding of basketball you'd see the progress and reason for optimism. Things don't miraculously get better over night. The disappointment will continue with this mentality. The rebuild is less than 2 years old and on going. Much progress has been made with much more to come in the next 3 months.
I just don't see the point.

I mean sure I understand every team has to have a rebuild, but, why the hell am I going to get excited about a god damn rebuild!?

Optimism is an adjective of hope. There's a reason we'll have 3 new starters next year

This team is shit and our last two draft picks on the team are struggling. Optimism is being in a battle for a playoff spot, or even getting a # 1 pick.

We're none of the above and if we get another #5 pick it means we haven't made any progress from the past year.

If the team wants to suck, suck hard. That's fine, but don't give me this shit.

I'm thin on hope and low on patience.