There's been grumblings that this franchise is in trouble, not deep. But, attendance has sunken(as to be expected with a rebuild), there is a general feeling of just... while actually that's the thing there is no feeling, let's say the majority of fans/people outside this website there is a general numbness.

To me and I think some will agree, words to describe the atmosphere around this team are lack of excitement, dullness, mysterious, etc.

In general the franchise is not healthy, Toronto fans are just so hopeful for a winner that everyone has hopped off the raptors band waggon and hopped on the jays. If baseball season more severely overlapped basketball season this team would probably have seen a severe drop in attendance and be in some serious trouble.

The only thing this team has right now is hope and that's starting to wear thin with Toronto fans. There hasn't really been a whole lot of excitement around this team this year. I mean they aren't going to make the playoffs, aren't likely to get the first pick.

Last years top pick isn't even with the team. There isn't really a top face or public figure on the team. I mean Bargnani is their top player. He's been playing well, but, he doesn't speak the best english and he's not really been put on a pedestal like a Stoudamire, Carter, Bosh, or even Turkoglu when he was here.

This is probably the worst year of hype like the team hasn't been covered nearly as much in the local media... the publicity is way down this year then I think it ever has been before.

Maybe this is just me, but, I used to consider myself a die hard fan and this year I have found myself with little interest or care of basically everything to do with the team this year.

There is nothing to latch onto... for this year at least and if this team doesn't do something of more than just slight significance this offseason. The future is not looking bright.

Personally, I hope they get a star in this draft and Valanciunas has a solid rookie campaign. To restore some faith around this team and at least start uprising.