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Your kidding me right? Jay Triano is not fit to run an nba team. Dwane Casey has much more experience and he is a much better coach than jt ever was. He was given 3 seasons with the raps and he couldn't accomplish jack shit. Dwane Casey changed the entire fucking culture in a shortened season with no training camp that is insane. JT only wishes he could do something like that
Since when is being one of the worst trams in the league. Changing tthe culture.

I seem to remember jay had us in fifth place at one point. What's Casey had us at best... 12th!?

Answer me this if Bosh makes that tip in vs. G state, your opinion of Triano become what it is today?

Don't lie either.

As for Casey having more experience a bit absurd.

For some of you it seems like you'd have an orgasm and would care about nothing else so long as Casey and Batum were part of the team.