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So my opinion is that I'm not sold on him because he played against inferior competition. For me, that plays a major role in deciding if this guy is right for us. You want to have a guy who has played against solid competition - or else his skills and numbers seem somewhat skewed. In regards to Westbrook, he put up some decent numbers as a sophmore and garnered PAC-10 DPOY. As for Holiday, he only played 1 season at UCLA, and his point guard skills weren't put up on display because UCLA used Darren Collison at the 1.
My opinion on Lillard could change when workouts transpire (but I doubt it). You're right that he's got good work ethic and that he can shoot - both things going for him, but we're not looking for a shoot-first PG.

You know how stongly opposed I am to having this team choosing Lillard? I would seriously consider following some other team if it happens. That goes for Perry Jones too.
Did I miss a press conference when BryCo said "Were looking for the Pass-First point guard of the future"