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Is he a valuable asset? Considering all Barbosa fetched us was a 50th pick, how much more value could Calderon realistically net us?

And like I suggested, Colangelo only does it if he absolutely needs an extra $10 million in the here and now, to sign someone important.
Is Calderon a valuable asset? He's a PG - and one of the purest in the league with good size, good at the pick and roll, doesn't turn the ball over a lot, can hit an open shot, good basketball IQ and plays with a lot of passion.
Barbosa was just an undersized 2 with a good motor and scoring punch. So yeah, there's a big difference between the two.

So if Colangelo amnesties Calderon, to sign someone - it'll only be for an all-star PG (williams). So in other words, it won't happen.