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"Really good" is a relative term.

Are Bargnani and Calderon "really good" on a 23-win team devoid of talent? Yes.

Are Bargnani and Calderon "really good" enough to lead us deep in the playoffs? Not likely.
Why do they have to be the two players "leading"? On an improved Raptors team, I think both players could be significant contributors to a team capable of making and even succeeding in the playoffs. I get that they are the best players (or at least the offensive catalysts) on this current bad Raptors team, but I don't think that all potential improvements are going to be done to "build around" or "surround" those two players. Ideally, Bargnani would be a matchup nightmare as a #1b or #2 scoring option. Calderon is the pass-first floor general, but obviously is only going to be as good as the players finishing the passes he gives them.

I would like to see a true #1 scorer added to this team; the type of player that demands double-teams and can put the team on his back, offensively. Slide Bargnani into the #2 scoring role and allow Calderon to run a much improved team (while also being a pretty strong #4/5 option himself), and suddenly I think you can answer "yes" to a question of "Are Bargnani and Calderon really good on a playoff caliber team?". This team needs to be improved through continued building, but that doesn't mean it needs to be built (or will be) around those two players.