Was surprised to see some of this today but thought this might a worthwhile end of year thread as the Raptors are, apparently, already giving year-end interviews. Maybe someone else has time to track down the actual interviews.


Some of my favourites.

The delusional:

Just defence, I dont have to worry too much on my offensive game, I know thats going to come. Just defence, once they that down pat everything else will come easy. DeMar DeRozan on what he needs to improve
The "jebus, are we really doing this for another year?" nonsense:

I proved I can play at that level. So thats what I expect to do next year, right? Bargnani on whether his first 13 games represent the real him
The not-so-subtle "I can't wait to get out of here":

Thats something Im still searching for. Im still searching. Whatever they want me to do here Im willing to do, but I think Im still searching. Jerryd Bayless on his role