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    Default Tor - njn / tor - no

    Toronto trade Jose Calderon, Ed Davis, 2013 1st round pick
    New Jersey trade Deron Williams, Shelden Williams

    Why Toronto: We get an allstar caliber PG for the cost of Calderon, Davis and our lotto pick of 2013 but it's worth it if we land Anthony Davis.

    Why New Jersey: They are looking for a rebuild and with a lotto pick and a change of scenery for Ed Davis, the Nets are looking build with their young core of Morrow, Brooks, Wallace, Davis and Lopez.


    Toronto trade Linas Kleiza + Andrea Bargnani + 2014 1st round pick
    New Orleans trade Trevor Ariza + Carl Landry + 2013 1st round pick

    Raps Lineups
    D.Williams/Bayless/2nd round pick
    DeRozan/A.Andersen/2nd round pick

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    That is a terrible return for someone like Williams. Calderon is good, but not nearly a replacement (we know this so well at this point), Davis is unproven after 2 years (although weird years of lockout and knee injury) and a lottery pick that they would need to wait for which would probably be a outside of the lottery.

    This does not even begin to talk about how Williams is an unrestricted free agent this summer and will have the opportunity to choose wherever he goes. I don't think Toronto will be anywhere near the top of his list. Now, I suppose if Williams decided to sign here and it needed to be worked in a sign-and-trade, Jersey does not have much power is what comes back...but I can't see this happening at all.

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