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    Quote Gorlitzer wrote: View Post
    You might want to Puffer.

    That's at least five players that have or will (Irving and Wall) change a teams fortune. That is my point. It would be nice to be one of those teams.
    Wall and Irving are still unknowns.

    Washington finsihed tied for 4th worst the year they got Wall and got lucky in the draft. However, since drafting Wall the year they had 26 wins, they won 23 games and this year 20 games (albeit in a short season but still 4th worst and a lower winning percentage than the year he was drafted). This ties in to a big part of my argument that more is needed than high draft picks - do they help? Hell yes. Are they the be all and end all? Nope. You can still get special players anywhere in the draft but there is no argument that the higher the pick the more probability due to larger selection.

    I have no argument with Irving. He is going to be special if he is not injured. But more than Irving, Cleveland has a good coach and good ownership..... oh yeah, and they got lucky going from 8 to 1 with the Clippers pick. They won 2 more games this year in 16 less games and were knocking on the playoff door until injuries set in.

    Quote Gorlitzer wrote: View Post
    You talk about management... I agree that management is the key to a successful franchise. But we have to realize that this team cannot attract a free agent unless there is already something special happening here. Drafting a superstar is that something special.

    I am curious to see what happens to Indiana next year. They are well managed (mostly) and don't have a super star, and they will have a ton of cap space. Seeing who they are able to land in the FA market should be a harbinger for the Raps.
    That something special requires luck.

    My issue here is not debating the merits of the draft. No doubt the best way to get a superstar is through the draft. Anyone arguing that is ridiculously delusional. My issue is the draft requires a great deal of luck in terms of draft positioning and all the intangibles like teammates, coach, situation, attitude, and work ethic that it takes to make a talented player great.
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