Chisholm's recent evaluation of Colangelo's work this year suggested that Colangelo should follow the plan that Indiana has used to earn them the spot they hold going into this year's playoffs. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with this philosophy; however, I beleive we already know which team Colangelo is trying to mimic and for sure we know which team Dwayne Casey is trying to copy... the Dallas Mavericks. As a coach, I realize that you need to adjust to the personnel you have; however, when you win a championship (as Casey did) it is hard not to want that type of team again. In fact, Colangelo sold Casey on the Raptor's coaching job by saying the Raps had a similar type of roster to Dallas (slow-footed PG, a scoring big and an offensively minded team that needs to be taught defense).

With this in mind, can we predict what type of players will be targeted and who will still be around for next year's "play-off" team?

2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks--------------2012-2013 Toronto Raptors?
(in order of playoff playing time)
Dirk Nowitzki---------------------------------Andrea Bargnani
Jason Kidd-----------------------------------Jose Calderon (Steve Nash?)
Shawn Marion--------------------------------James Johnson (Andrei Kirilenko?)
Jason Terry----------------------------------Jerryd Bayless (Demar off the bench?)
Tyson Chandler------------------------------Jonas Valanciunas
Jose Barea-----------------------------------draft? (Lillard/Marshall?)
Peja Stojakovic------------------------------Linas Kleiza
Deshawn Stevenson--------------------------Alan Anderson? draft?
Brendan Haywood----------------------------Aaron Gray
Cardinal (played less than 40 minutes total)---- does it matter?
Mahinmi (played less than 40 minutes total)----
Brewer (played less than 40 minutes total)-----

Although I realize that the 2010/11 Maverick's were looking at playoff success as their benchmark and we are only looking to make the playoffs, I think some of the comparisons work. Things to notice from my initial stab at it:
- None of the orginal Young Onez are left
- Dallas' starting wing's were about defence