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    Default Toronto - Utah

    Watching the playoffs and it's clear to see the Jazz have a fantastic young core but Devin Harris is a really poor fit. It's been talked about before but i think the Jose for Devin swap could be mutually beneficial.. If they kick in one of their first rounders.

    We could take Lillard or Marshall with it and have them come off the bench for the year, and ultimately be our PG of the future OR package our two first rounders to move up and take a player like Beal.


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    Utah can just draft one of those guys. Apparently, they're high on Lillard.

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    Harris isn't a player I would want with the young team we have. He was a very effective player when he was one of the quickest players in the league. Was very good on the ball defender, could push the tempo of the game and break down a defense. However with age and injuries he's no where near the player he once was. He is a terrible shooter and his basketball IQ is nothing to write home about. I think Utah would seriously consider this deal depending where the pick is and who is on board but if I'm BC i pass. Jose is the calming influence we need on the team and he'll help JV's transition a lot.

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