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He is not an above average rebounder.
I don't see how you can state that JV in not an above average rebounder when he finished 2nd in both the VTB league and the Eurocup. I decided to look at his stats in both those competitions to see if there is any validity to your statement. In the last 26 games in the VTB and the Eurocup since January 3rd, JV collected 71 offensive rebound, 146 defensive, totaling 217. That averages to 8.3 rebounds per game. In those 26 games he's averaged 24.5 minutes a game (638 total minutes), so that would give him a PER 36 minutes average of 12.2 [(217/638)*36]. How is that not an above average rebounder. You guys can go through the game logs and challenge my numbers. But he looks like a fairly good rebounder to me.