I don't know about you guys but I used to love the Live games they were epic. So much more fun than this 2k crap people are obsessed with these days. They screwed up on NBA elite and now they totally scratched that out and continuing with the Live series which IMO was much better. Live dominated for many years 2K only recently started becoming good because EA failed to hire the right people to work on the game, and they needed to upgrade the graphics enough to keep up with 2K. They had a full year and a half to work on this year so I'll expect them to come back with a boom. Lets hope they beat out 2K, i find it hard to believe that they couldn't do it in the past. EA has way more money and resources than 2K they could make a game 2x better than 2K. I've always loved the presentation in their games (i.e introducing the starting lineups, the music, and the incredible features and accurate player ratings). If they just add improved game play and graphics they will take over as the better basketball simulation game


here's an article on the game and how EA decided to put Live back together.