Part 1 of this idea can be found here.

We will be in a unique position with $12 million in cap space before the draft and before July 1 to entertain deals where significant contracts could come into play. You could move a player out with some value and take back a player with significant value even higher than that $12 million. If you package the pick along with a young player, what does that net you? All of those questions will be answered over the course of the next several weeks and months as Ed Stefanski and I entertain those phone calls from the various GMs and us placing phone calls to various GMs. We will have a lot of lines in the water.”

Initially I thought about this idea with the thinking of Colangelo taking back an expensive or overpaid yet useful (or in some cases VERY useful) player. Another possibility would be to use the Raptors cap space to take another team's bad contracts or contracts that are holding them back from making a splash in free agency in exchange for assets (draft picks, prospects, proven players on rookie contracts, or players in the magic 25-28 range who can shoot). A team that has 2 dead weight contracts and just one amnesty clause also makes a possible interesting trade partner as the Raptors could take one contract and the other team could amnesty the other.

As was said in Part 1, lets make an assumption that the young players BC speaks of on Raptors roster are 25 or under. That gives us a list of (2012-13 salaries in brackets): Amir Johnson ($6M), DeMar DeRozan ($3.3M), Ed Davis ($2.2M), and James Johnson ($2.8M).

In compiling the list below I have made a number of subjective classifications dead weight a team might want gone and assets they might be willing to trade to make the dead weight go away that Toronto might actually want. If you disagree with what I have below or would make an addition, please do so in your posts. By no means is this considered to be a definitive list - just a conversation starter.

Dead weight: Williams (2 years, $15M)
Assets: 23rd pick, Josh Smith

Dead weight: Maggette (1 year, $11M), Diop (1 year, $7.4M), Carroll (1 year, $3.5M), Thomas (3 years, $25M)
Assets: 1-4 draft pick, sign&trade DJ Augustin

Dead weight: Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer
Assets: 29th pick, Charlotte 1st round pick protections (14,12,10,8) until 2016 unprotected

Dead weight: Shawn Marion (2 years, $18M), Brendan Haywood (3 years, $27M)
Assets: 17th pick, Beaubois, rights to Nick Calathes

Dead weight: Al Harrington (3 years, $21M), Chris Andersen (2 years, $9.3M)
Assets: 20th pick, Jordan Hamilton

Dead weight: Ben Gordon (2 years, $25M), Charlie V (2 years, $16.5M)
Assets: likely 9th pick, Austin Daye

Golden State:
Dead weight: Richard Jefferson (2 years, $21M), Andris Biedrins (2 years, $18M)
Assets: about a 70% chance of a 1,2,3 or 7 pick, Klay Thompson, Dorrell Wright

Dead weight: Beno Udrih (1 year, $7.8M), Drew Gooden (3 years, $20M)
Assets: 12th pick, Brandon Jennings

New Orleans:
Dead weight: Okafor (2 years, $28M), Ariza (2 years, $15M)
Assets: 2 lottery picks, Aminu, Smith, Vasquez, Henry

Dead weight:
Asset: JJ Redick (1 year, $6M)

Dead weight: Brand (1 year, $18M)
Asset: 15th pick, Jrue Holiday

Dead weight: Josh Childress (3 years, $21M), Hakim Warrick (3 years, $14M)
Asset: 13th pick, sign and trade Nash

Dead weight: none
Assets: possibly 2 lottery picks, Wesley Matthews

Dead weight: John Salmons (2 years, $15.5M), Sergio Garcia (1 year, $6.1M), Outlaw (3 years, $9M), Chuck Hayes (3 years, $17M)
Assets: possible #5 pick, Tyreke Evans

Dead weight: Lewis (1 year, $10-13M guaranteed of $23M), Blatche (3 years, $25.5M)
Assets: possible #2 pick

The thinking of BC adding another draft pick or young player goes against many public statements he and DC have said this year. However, it is becoming clear with Colangelo and Casey that often times what is said is a bluff (no trades at deadline) and what is not said is what is on their mind (JV).

Any scenario of Raptor cap space facilitating taking on another teams dead weight for the acquisition of an asset(s) appeal to you? This type of scenario could help move up in the draft.