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I think this whole thread is an unknown, but during our darkest ages after VC left there's no question somebody had thoughts of moving the franchise, and killing the International team idea with the Raps and Grizz.
Absolutely right this thread is an unknown but I have never heard a credible source for the Raptors leaving Toronto.

As for the 'dark ages' they lasted a little over a year. Wince was traded in December 2004. Colangelo was hired in February 2006 which ushered in a new era of hope and optimism (that was short lived) plus 2 playoff appearances 2 years later.

If anything, I think the last year and half would be considered the dark ages for the Raptors and, outside of typical ignorant media and pseudo-US media wannabes, there is little credible peep of the Raptors going anywhere.

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Regardless of the what ifs, Carter needs to be appreciated and we need to get over what happened. He's done more for the Raps than any player in history, and that deserves a standing O.
I respect your opinion but I have to take the other side.

Carter does not need to be appreciated. I consider giving up on a franchise and its fan base that pay you millions and millions of dollars and, not only give up, but ensure they can't get anything near fair value is unforgivable. Carter might have done more than any player in history but he also did as much damage as any player in its history, and that deserves continued boo's.

This might be drastic but I'll try to give an example to illustrate how people have different views:

Some people can forgive their spouse/partner for cheating on them, others cannot. Whatever it is people deal with betrayal differently than others. There is a fine line between love and hate.

So back to Carter, I can respect people forgiving Carter but I can also respect people for continuing the grudge.