This is like an ex who treated you like crap, cheated on you and is now trying to get back with you when you've long since moved on to a better, hotter, younger girlfriend who treats you well and respects you. Yeah the sex was great, but that was before she started faking it and stopped bothering to try and please you, or reciprocate. Then she lost interest altogether and went on to do the same thing all over again to her next few boyfriends, like a broken record.

Lets quit with the nostalgia. If you miss him that much just watch and re-watch old clips of his glory days. The Vince today is useless to this team since we can't even count on him to be a veteran leader. Just look at how many teams he's been passed around to and it's clear what his value is. Besides, whatever "legacy" he created here was washed away by the ugliness later on. And I think THAT's what people will be reminded of if he comes back.