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I sorta understand the reluctance on the salary #s (which btw I agree are the numbers most likely to be hit on)...but, think about it this way...is Batum in Rudy Gay territory skill wise? I mention RG as a comparable since he tends to be the wished for acquisition quite often here. Except we dont give up anyone and I believe that Batum has a higher ceiling. And what does RG make? All that must be done is be convinced that Batum has the goods as a player and has the desired character to be the 1 or 2 option on this team. Gotta roll the dice on an informed decision sometimes These situations dont present themselves too often. There is a reason why Portland will fight to keep him.
I think they are essentially different players.

Nic Batum is more of a spot-up 3 point threat vs Rudy Gay who is more of a mid-range/high post kind of guy.

Maybe by looking at it, Rudy is more of a ball stopper while Nic would definitely fit better in a pick and roll situation, being a legitimate 3 point threat.

Rudy, however, can fit that go to guy especially since he performs well in the clutch.

Perhaps the last argument merits the difference in contracts .... ? It's subject to opinion.

I would be happy with either one, with each one bringing something different. I just like the idea of Rudy Gay as the first player since who knows when that you can put the ball in the end and say, "get me something."