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Thread: POB Formspring - Questions/Answers

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    Default POB Formspring - Questions/Answers

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    POB answers pages of "interesting" questions from fans/fanboys/Napoleon Dynamite! This is pretty funny!

    Where do you keep your money? In a regular bank?
    as opposed to an irregular bank?
    How wud u react if wale got a tattoo of u????
    dude ur being a douche
    What do you order at Craft Burger and how many?
    I got the spicy craft at the suggestion of someone and only 1 w some onion rings and a strawberry shake
    what do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?
    mauling zebras and halle berry in a catwoman suit i believe. lil know fact: tigers LOVE pepper but HATE cinnamon

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    POB owes everything to Altraps for his "follow POB for charity" idea which helped him gain more popularity than he really deserves.

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    "I saw you played last night why didnt you score 60 pts and have 25rbs?"~ some dumbass person.

    because i didnt play 4 mins. 4 mins and i woulda had those numbers. lol
    Epic. I like this guy, even if he doesn't know how to jump.

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