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Aldridge was never in consideration - because there were whispers of him having back issues. I heard and read rumours of Colangelo wnting to trade down to acquire an asset and still be in position to draft Bargnani. However, if the Raptors hadn't drafted Bargnani at #1 themselves and intead traded down for a pick within the lotto, the Bulls would have taken him at #2.

Gay at 16.4 million isn't worth it. 16.4 million per season is reserved for franchise carrying players. The Raptors should steer clear of players with salaries like that unless they are indeed those aformentioned franchise players.
Never heard about Aldridge's back problems at the time. Would absolutely love to acquire Gay and believe he is a franchise player you can build a team around. People have to remember that DD & Ed came into the league as projects with high ceilings. They came with the label patience required: In time they should turn out to be pleasant surprises!