Usually these spots on a roster are reserved for a few project players or a savvy character type vet to instill one thing or another into the young guys on the team. They also need to be good enough that teams don't lose several steps should the inevitable injury occur to a starter.

So what kind of players should the raptors target for 10 - 15 this upcoming season.

Who I Like...

PG - Ben Uzoh ( very solid defensively, earned himself a roster spot with his play this season )
SG - Andy Rautins - he was taken early in the second round and has some serious range. Not sure what he could develop into but his ceiling seems like 6th man or 3pt specialist.
C - Jamaal Magloire - brings the character and focus - enforcer...good locker room guy
C - Robert Sacre - he is a legit 7ft big body seems hungry to prove something (being Canadian always helps)
F - Julian Wright - great defender being the d-league for a year might have humbled him enough to accept the bench. I don't think he is done in the NBA yet