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Thread: Bryan Coangelo's Performance Review

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    Default Bryan Coangelo's Performance Review

    Based on what I've read about the new CBA, and Matt52's recent posting I got thinking about the importance of management under the the new CBA.

    I truly believe (and am confident that subsequent NBA seasons will demonstrate this to be accurate) that the new CBA will change the tax paying habits of the big spending teams. I don't think they will be willing to spend that much more in tax than they currently do, which means they will being going into the tax territory not nearly as much and not nearly as often.

    The end result of this means that management becomes even more important to building a championship team than in the past, because you can't make up for management mistakes by spending more money.

    This got me thinking, how good is Bryan Coangelo as a GM. Where would I rank him compared to other GM's in the league? I think it would be an interesting exercise to do a performance review for Coangelo on the the important tasks he's responsible for, as well as rank him against the rest of the GM's in the league.

    On a scale of 0-10 (ten being good, and zero being not good)

    Drafting: 8, I think he is a top 5 GM when it comes to drafting players who perform above where they were selected.

    Trades: 7, Seems to be good at trading players who aren't very good for other players who are slightly better, and is able to get away from mistakes with causing the organisation to much pain. He seems to be a good judge of a players value. Unfortunately he also seems to be willing to make big trades that don't seem to get us anywhere and result in us giving up young talent.

    Free Agent Signings: 4, doesn't seem to have a good track record here and that Turkoglu contract is still a monster.

    Coaching: 7 Triano was not the right guy for the job, Casey seems to be.

    Player Development: 6 You could argue that he trades draft picks/young talent to0 easily, and you could also add that he forces coaches to give playing time to players who don't deserve it and hangs on to players for too long (Bargnani) If Bargs plays well for a season or two I'd bump this rating, if he plays at his 2010-2011 performance for the rest of his career I'd drop the rating a number or two

    I'm currently supporting Coangelo, albeit skeptically. For me I think the goal needs to be a top 5, or at the very least a top 10 GM. Where does Coangelo fit?

    Fill out these categories (and any other categories you feel are pertinent) and then cast your vote on how he stacks up with the rest of the league.

    I've heard rumours that he actually likes to read the site, so who knows, maybe a performance review will help him do a better job!

    I gave him the nod for the top ten, but he is right on the fence and I could have just as easily put him in the 10-15 range.

    Basically, I'm okay with getting rid of him if we can get someone better. The problem is that I'm not confident that his replacement will be any better, and could just as easily be worse.
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