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  • Stunts his Growth. Should be with the Coaches in Toronto.

    15 57.69%
  • No difference. Basketball is Basketball.

    10 38.46%
  • In Game situations against NBA talent trumps working in the Gym with Coaches.

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Thread: Demar and Amir back at it, with the Drew League. Good thing? Bad thing?

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    Default Meh

    I wasn't aware that giving 53% effort on O, 11% effort on D and jacking up 3s was good for development.

    Looks like a bunch of giant ego'd guys playing I'll-get-mine, trying to impress their cousins and old roommates in the crowd.

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    I'm shocked anyone voted for "stunts his growth". Should he be with the coaches in Toronto? Maybe, Oh wait THE COACHES AREN'T IN TORONTO RIGHT NOW. Didn't any of you watch the Draft lotto? Geez! Most of the staff and scouts are incredibly busy with the draft right now, this is very much "downtime" across the league. DeMar Playing in a pick up game every other day or so will have ZERO impact on him 6 months from now. Do you really think pick up will drastically effect him? Like more than a 66 game season in 123 days (or whatever)?

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    Isn't Drew League something those guys do to sort of give back to their community, give kids a chance to see them in an intimate environment? Once he comes back stronger, maybe trains a bit with the summer league team, works with the US basketball staff, and comes back healthy I think it's okay.

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